Waxing myths

For some reason there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding waxing. Many people believe they cannot wax beacuse of this or that. Here we’re going to try and dispel some of the common beliefs….



Eczema or skin conditions – If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition we do not recommend waxing. In most cases you may not have a problem; we use natural waxes with no nasty chemicals but if your skin is already sensitive, for whatever reason, we don’t want to make it worse by pulling at it during a wax.

Scar tissue – Similarly, scar tissue that is less than three months old is another no no, for much the same reasons. Your skin will be sensitive and still healing so we don’t recommend risking waxing until the scar area is completely healed.

Moles – The skin around moles can be sensitive. We do not want to irrate the area any more and so don’t recommend waxing in these areas.

Sunburn – For obvious reasons we don’t recommend waxing sunburnt skin. It makes our eyes water just thinking about it, ouch ouch ouch! The skin is already damaged so we don’t want to put it under any more stress by waxing it as well.



Hair will grow back thicker – Many of us wrongly believe waxing or shaving means hair will grow back thinker. Whereas this may be true of shaving, waxing actually reduces hair growth. After the third or fourth regular visit you will start to notice you can go a little longer between appointments as the re-growth rate has reduced.

Ingrown hair – Having an ingrown hair doesn’t mean you cannot wax, you just need to be a little more prepared. We suggest you use tea tree oil before and after your wax to reduce any soreness. We even provide it at the salon should you need any.

It’s that time of the month – On your period? So what! You can still have any type of wax you want. All we ask is that you use a tampon for intimate waxes.

You are pregnant – If you are less than three months pregnant you can still enjoy all the benefits of waxing. We don’t recommend waxing after this as skin can be more sensitive.


If you’ve read these myth busters and have been inspired to try waxing, browes our waxing pages and decide on the treatment that’s right for you. Use our handy online booking system to secure your appointment.

If you have a skin condition or any questions about waxing, please give us a call on 0161 839 6112. We will always give you our honest, professional opinion as to whether waxing is right for you or not.