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Posted on 3rd July 2015 in Salon
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Registration email

Registration email

Some of you may have noticed we’ve got ourselves a fancy new online booking system. Not just another website contact form, oh no, this does sooooo much more than that!

Here’s how it works:

1. Select your category – itimate wax, HD Brows, Party Lashes, nails etc

2. Next choose your specific treatment option.

3. Here’s where the system gets tailored. If you’re a regular customer or have had a treatment with us before and know which therapist you want, you can select from our list of employees who provide your chosen treatment. If you’re don’t mind who performs your treatment, select ‘Any’.

Booking confirmation email

Booking confirmation email

4. At this point you get the option at add another service to your booking. We felt this was a handy extra as many of our customers book in for more than one treatment at a time. To have to go back and make an separte booking, and try to find an appointment slot next to your original one can be frustrating and time consumming. Our brilliant new sytem does all that for you.

5. The next part of the booking process is to pick the date and time of your appointment. If you’ve chosen a specific therapist, the dates that appear are cleverly matched to her rota to ensure you don’t make an appointment with Elly, for example, only to find she doesn’t work on the date you’ve selected.

So pick your day, scroll down the screen and pick your time slot. Only available times and days are shown. All bookings are fixed and not preferred or provisional, again beacuse the system is linked to all our employees individual rotas. There will never be a clash or double- booking with this system.

Booking cancellation email

Booking cancellation email

6. You’ll then be asked to enter your email address. If you’ve used the system before it will recognise the address you enter. If you’re a new customer you’ll be asked a few standard details to set up your booking account.

7. There is then a summary screen for you to check the details of your booking, along with a space to add any notes to your booking for your therapist. At this point, if you selected ‘Any’ on the employee page you will have now been appointed a staff member for your treatment and her name will appear on the summary.

8. Once you click ‘Confirm’ the booking is added to our calendar and a series of emails are set to you. If you have used the system for the first time you will receive a registration confirmation email.

A confirmation email will be sent for all appointments.

New booking confirmation email

New booking confirmation email

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason you can use the ‘Manage this reservation’ button in your booking confirmation email. Once you cancel an appointment, you will be sent another email confirming the cancellation.

On the day of your treatment, you will receive a reminder email and SMS with the details of your booking.

After your treatment a courtsey email is sent with the option for you to review your experience. We encourage you to complete this in as little or as much detail as you like. We love receiving your feedback and really value the opinion of evenyone who uses our salon to improve our service.

The booking experience doesn’t end here, however….

The icing on the cake
Booking reminder email

Booking reminder email

07 booking SMS reminder

Booking reminder SMS

The intelligent system remembers your booking history and will send you an email when you are getting close to needing a repeat treatment! For example, a Hollywood wax should last 3/4 week. In the fourth week after your original appointment, if you’ve not made a repeat appointment, the system will send you a friendly reminder. How good is that?! You need never miss or forget to book an appointment again.

We’re pleased as punch with the new system and we’ve got great feedback on it so far. It enables us to organise our appointments internally much more efficiently than using a paper diary. It’s also works as a CRM system too meaning we have all our customer details in one place.

And, of course from the point of view of you, the customer, it offers a complete booking service and a personalised account where you can manage all your beauty bookings.

Booking follow up email

Booking follow up email

Try it for yourself

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the phone call and use our new online booking system to book, manage and review all your future The Waxing Studio appointments!

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