Waxing age restrictions

waxing age restrictionsWe take our responsibility as beauty treatment providers very seriously. We understand that our industry attracts a lot of attention from teenagers and even some younger children who are interested in the services we offer. However we operate strict waxing age restrictions….

We have an over 16 policy for all our treatments.

We do allow under 16s to receive treatments but only with the permission and in the presence of a parent or guardian. We use our judgement and will ask for proof of age if we have any doubts. We also use our common sense: we don’t expect a young lad to have a BSC with his mum in the room! Every effort will be made to make sure both client and their accompanying parent are comfortable before a procedure begins.

A family friendly salon

We are a family and child friendly salon (we have to be given the fact many of our girls are or are soon to become mums!). We understand finding the time to come for your treatments can be difficult with a child or two in tow but don’t let that stop you! We know the 6 week summer holidays are coming and that might make it difficult for you to get into the city but if you can, your kids are welcome in the salon.

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