First seen on reality television show The Only Way is Essex, Vajazzles are becoming an increasingly sought-after beauty treatment.

Very popular for holidays and around the festive period – why not add a little secret sparkle for certain eyes only?!

The treatment includes small gems being arranged in a design on the pubic triangle, the shape is often chosen from a selection of ready made options. Vajazzles are usually combined with a Hollywood or Brazilian wax. Once the area is smooth, the crystals are applied in just a few minutes.

At The Waxing Studio we use pre-glued gems to allow for a more accurate application. But there’s need to worry – the glue is designed for skin contact so should not cause any irritation. Stocking a range of different colours from reds and pinks to clear ‘diamond’ looking jewels means we have something for each of our customers.

We use pre-designed patterns which are presented on a layer of cellophane, this is easily removed once the design is set in the correct place. Some of our most popular designs are stars, butterflies and hearts.

At The Waxing Studio we are also able to offer some personal Vajazzle arrangements, a lot of clients chose partners initials or come with their own design in mind.

Why have it done? Why not?! You can have a Vajazzle to show it off or you can keep it as a treat for your eyes only.

A typical Vajazzle will last up to a week which is ideal for holidays or events. Clients often come to us for special occasions such as anniversaries when they want to treat their partner (and themselves!)

So if you fancy a beauty treatment that is a little more adventurous ring us on 0161 839 6112 to book a treatment!

Vajazzles cost £12 or are £32 with any intimate wax.

Vajazzles Manchester city centre