Intimate Waxing

Intimate waxing ManchesterFrom a Rio to a G String it can all get a bit confusing when deciding what intimate wax would suit your needs best.

Intimate waxing is nothing to be embarrassed about, our clients often say that they find it much more hygienic than shaving, plus it lasts up to 6 weeks once you’ve got into a waxing routine, so you can say bye bye to those razors!

The most common question we’re asked is ‘Does it hurt?’  Of course we would be lying if we said it didn’t hurt at all but our clients keep coming back to us whether it’s for regular waxes or one off seasonal appointments– so it can’t be that bad!

If you’re new to waxing it may be best to start off with the basics; a classic bikini wax will give you an idea of what waxing is like. Those pesky hairs around the sides and on top of the knicker line that would be on show if you were on the beach are removed quickly and efficiently.

If you’re feeling daring why not go for one of our specialities, the Brazilian or Hollywood? We even offer Vajazzles for those who want a little personalisation to their wax.

If you aren’t sure what wax is for you our price list explains all the types of intimate waxing we do at The Waxing Studio.

Our waxing experts will take you through every step of the process so there’s nothing to worry about. Our therapists are trained to carry out thorough and quick waxes so don’t be shy; book your appointment using our online booking form. If you have any questions contact us or call 0161 839 6112 and we’ll be happy to help.