Face Waxing

face waxing ManchesterAt The Waxing Studio we understand that facial hair can be a sensitive subject.  Many of us choose to either ignore it or attempt to remove it ourselves.  DIY face waxing and shaving can leave your skin irritable, blotchy and sore, making you more self-conscious than before.

Visiting a professional salon like ours and allowing our friendly trained staff to do it for you will achieve far better results. Not only will we do a more efficient job using the proper products but afterwards your skin will feel and look better. In fact, regular waxing will actually reduce the amount of hair regrowth!

Just like intimate waxing there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Our girls are trained to be thorough yet gentle and we’ll remove any pesky hairs for just £5 (see our price list for more detailed information).

Clients often come to us with concerns that waxing their facial hair will cause them to breakout or have skin problems. Whilst we can’t predict how each persons skin will react we can assure our clients that we use gentle and professional products and techniques to ensure that your skin is cared for.

Facial waxing is a very quick treatment; we can have those annoying hairs removed in seconds!

As some of our customers are unsure about face waxing we also offer facial threading, which some of our clients feel suits them best.

Book your face waxing treatment using our online booking form or if you need some more information about the facial waxing treatments we offer contact us on 0161 839 6112.