Body waxing

Body waxing ManchesterAs waxing experts we offer a range of services, from intimate to facial waxing and all that’s in between, there isn’t an area we can’t wax!

Body waxing is one of our specialities at The Waxing Studio, our therapists are trained to carry out waxes that cause minimum discomfort.

Whether you have a holiday planned and want to be hair free on the beach or you just feel more confident silky smooth, we offer a range of body waxing treatments to suit everyone’s needs.

Why waxing? Well, why not! Our clients often tell us that they find waxing much more effective than shaving as the hair regrowth is reduced over time.

Waxing is also a preferred hair removal method as avid waxers have said they feel it is a much more hygienic method, just one treatment and hair is gone for up to 6 weeks.

Some of our clients like to be hairless from head to toe which is why we offer full body waxing – an easy way to remove all of the unwanted hair you have, from navels to nipples we will take it all off!

To see a list of our individual body waxing treatments see our price list or if you need some more information on waxing take a look at our FAQs or contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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