Semi-permanent eyelashes

Semi-permanent eyelashes, or eyelash extensions are a great way of boosting your natural lashes to create a fuller look.

The benefit of semis over temporary or party lashes is that the individual lashes are attached to your own lashes, meaning they last longer and look more natural.

How long do semi-permanent eyelashes last?

Exactly how long your semi-permanent lashes will last is different for everybody. We all naturally lose a couple of eyelashes each day, this will still happen with semi-permanent lashes as they are attached to your natural lashes. Dependant on your individual loss/growth cycle, your semi lashes can stay on for up to 2 months. Of course, you will need to properly care for your new lashes to get the most out of them and have regular in-fills applied.

How long does a semi-permanent eyelash treatment take?

At The Waxing Studio, the average treatment time is 1.5 hours, but this will vary depending on how many lashes you have. As the application of semis is an individual process, whereby each new lash is attached to one of your own existing lashes, the more natural lashes you have the longer the process will take.

How do I remove semi-permanent eyelashes?

Semi-permanent lashes are easily removed, but it must be done professionally to protect your own lashes. Our ‘soak-off’ service is quick and efficient and is the safest way to remove your semis without damaging your natural lashes. Please do not pull out semi-permanent lashes yourself!

Do semi-permanent eyelashes damage my natural eyelashes?

Professional applied semi-permanent lashes should never damage your own lashes. The specially formulated adhesive is created for use on human eyelashes. The finished result is a secure yet soft fit that works with your natural lashes. As well as regular in-fills, the use of eyelash conditioner will help protect and strength your lashes.

Semi-permanent eyelashes aftercare

There are some important tips to follow to extend the life and look of your semi-permanent lashes…

  • only usewater-based mascara, or none at all (your new fuller-look lashes means you shouldn’t have to wear any if you don’t want to)
  • don’t use oil-based eye make-up remover, choose an oil free make up remover instead
  • don’t rub your eyes, even when washing your face
  • clean around the eyes to remove any access dirt or make up residue
  • blot your face dry, do not rub.
  • don’t dry lashes with a hair dryer
  • don’t attempt to cut your lashes (you may cut your own lashes)
  • don’t pull your semi-permanent lashes, as it will take out your own lash as well
  • don’t try to remove semi-permanent lashes on your own
  • don’t use an eyelash curler
  • don’t use a sauna while wearing semis
  • don’t use a sun bed or steam room for a couple of days after application
  • the less you touch your lashes, the longer they will last
  • remember to come in for regular in-fills.

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