Men's Body Waxing

We understand that unwanted or excessive hair can be a sensitive issue. We aim to create a comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed and unembarrassed whilst our professional waxers quickly and efficiently get to work.

Neck, Chest, Back, Arms, Legs or Full Body

Male grooming is nothing new but the 21st century has certainly seen the rise of the metrosexual. It seems only natural that waxing and smoothing the body should be part of this process and so male body waxing has become big business.


Men with all degrees of natural hair from minimal, fair-hair types to those with darker, coarser hair are partaking in waxing treatments. Don’t fall for the stereotypes and think it’s only men with more excessive hair growth that go under the strip!


Men of all ages, shapes and sizes are also giving waxing a try. Much like a visit to the hair salon, regular body waxing will keep you groomed and looking your best. It will also help reduce the amount of hair re-growth over time.


Whether you are looking for a male waxing treatment for a cosmetic or medical matter, our staff are fully trained to carry out full body waxing.

Our male body treatments include:


Removes hair from the bottom of the hairline, down the nape of the neck to the top of the shoulders.


Remove hair from the breast bone, including the front of the shoulders down to the abdomen.

Full/half back

Full back wax includes upper shoulders and arms.

Full/half arm

Arm waxes include hands and fingers.

Full/half leg

Leg waxes include feet and toes.

Full body

Includes all of the above body waxing.

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What our clients say . . .

" Excellent service as always. Very friendly whist maintaining professionalism. Very hygienic and I felt comfortable. Would recommend to anyone. "