Lycon Wax

As well as our fantastic (and secret) wax formula, we also use Lycon wax.

Lycon is probably the most well known wax brand and has lots of super benefits. Its main claim to fame is that it can remove hair as short as 1mm! To any regular waxer, this is a big deal. Usually hair has to be 2-3mm in length for a standard wax to have maximum effect. This means a re-growth period of 4-6 weeks, however with Lycon wax this is reduced to approx 2-3 weeks.

Despite the name, Lycon hot wax works at surprisingly low temperatures. Its clever formula shrink-wraps around the hair, so it is completely covered. This means when the strip is applied and then pulled off, the hair is totally removed. This is also why such short hair waxed. The shrink-wrapping action allows for shorter hair to still be successfully removed. A revolution in the waxing world! And as the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin, it makes the whole process virtually painless. Shorter re-growth time and a less painful wax – Lycon wax really is a winning formula!

The advanced technologies and ingredients in Lycon wax means it is slightly more expensive than our regular wax. We offer the choice of Lycon wax for an extra £5 to any of our intimate waxing treatments.

If you’re looking for Lycon wax Manchester, rest assured that it can be found at The Waxing Studio. Just let us know when you are booking if you would prefer Lycon wax. Call us on 0161 839 6112 to make your appointment or use our online booking form.