3 tips to your best body spring clean: #3

The final part of our feature ‘3 tips to your best body spring clean’ is all about legs and arms.

As the temperatures hot up and the summer wardrobe comes out you want to make sure your limbs are looking their best for those cute skirts, fun playsuits and sleeveless tops.


The extra protective layer of warmth you’ve been growing over the winter needs to go. Yes, we know your secret – that you’ve not waxed (or even shaved) those legs for months, choosing instead to let the hair grow a little for some extra insulation! We understand (kind of), we won’t tell anyone, but it’s time to say goodbye.

Getting back in the routine can be hard, especially around the tricky ankle and knee areas. It’s time consumming, frustrating and just not worth doing at home. Book a leg wax with us instead!

Our leg waxing treatments are quick and virtually pain-free. A half leg wax takes just 10 minutes and a full leg wax 20 minutes. Our girls are experienced professionals and their honed techniques combined with our choice of wax product make for the most comfortable wax possible.

Our leg waxes also include feet and toes ensuring your feet look pretty in summer sandles.


Lots of us have darker hair on our lower arms. For many it’s not a problem but if you’re conscious about it, let us help. Don’t hide your arms from the sun by covering them up with cardigans and jumpers. Let them see the sunlight!

A half arm wax is done and dusted in 10 minutes and a full arm wax in 20. Your skin will be left silky smooth with no prickly bits and absolute minimal redness. Your arms will be ready to show off from the moment you leave the salon.

Our arm waxes include hands and fingers where necessary.


For some this is a year-round essential, for others it’s a summer or even just a one-off holiday treatment. Wherever you lie on the scale, an under arm wax is our final tip for a summer ready bod!

At just £10 a go, under arm waxing is affordable. Make sure those summer outfits look as good as they can by keeping any unwanted under arm fuzz at bay. You don’t need to be sporting a Julia Roberts for us to get our wax strips on you, but keeping your under arms smooth and clear will not only look better but feel better too.

So whether it’s leg waxing, arms, under arms or all three, now is the time to rid your body of any unwanted hair for summer.

Take a look at our waxing price list then use the online appointment form to book your treatment. If you have any questions you can give us a call on 0161 839 6112.