Want Kylie Jenner lips…?
Posted on 25th September 2015 in Tips & Advice
Kylie Jenner lips

Gorgeous, full lips from Kylie Jenner

Lip fillers are the latest offering from The Waxing Studio.

We now have a fully trained aesthetic nurse and a dedicated clinic that we’ve affectionately named ‘The Aesthetic Studio‘.

We understand that perfectly full and pouty lips are big business at the moment thanks to Kylie Jenner et al. We hope to be able to create this look for our clients and give you the luscious lips you’ve been dreaming of.

With so many stories of girls trying to create the look themselves at home with DIY kits they’ve bought over the internet with disastrous consequences, we can’t stress enough the importance of using a professional for this kind of treatment. We know a big consideration is the cost and so we want to be able to offer these treatments at affordable prices.

We are currently offering lip enhancements for £180, or £165 each when you book with a friend. We know it might be a lot for some of our younger clientele but with Christmas coming, you could add this treatment to your wish list.

We perform a full consultation with all clients before any work is done. We will sit with you to discuss and work out a treatment plan, as well as the desired result you are hoping to achieve. For a consultation or to find out more about our lip treatments please call 0161 839 6112 and ask to speak to Holly, our aesthetic nurse.

Aesthetic treatments are available every Thursday at The Aesthetic Clinic on the first floor of Milton Hall, 244 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4BQ.

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