3 tips to your best body spring clean: #1

Believe it or not summer is just around the corner. Just like we’re all hitting the gym to get our beach bodies we need to make sure that our beauty appointments are prepared too.

To ease you into summer we’ve created a little blog series that we’re calling ‘3 tips to your best body spring clean’.

Winter sees many of us ditch our usual beauty routines because, let’s face it, no one wants to tan or wax when it’s pitch black and freezing cold outside. At The Waxing Studio we recommend waxing all year round to keep your skin as smooth as possible.

Spring waxing for a perfectly smooth beach bod!

We find that a lot of our clients shave during winter months and only begin their regular waxing routine in spring. Starting your waxing now will give your hair time to re-grow enough for several waxes before any possible holidays, meaning smoother results by the time you get on the plane.

More wax = less re-growth

Each time you wax the hair follicle is damaged and takes longer to grow back. Therefore the more waxes you have, the longer it takes for any re-growth (usually 4-6 weeks). It can take 3 or 4 waxes (that’s at least 3 months!) for hair growth to reduce significantly.

Start now!

It might feel like a long time until that beach holiday but if you want your bikini area, legs, arms, or anywhere else as hair free as possible for your holiday you really need to start regular waxing now.

Start with an intimate wax

Our first tip is to get an intimate wax. 

If you book your first intimate wax soon you will be beach ready just in time for summer.

Now it’s just the difficult choice of what kind of wax suits you. Our two most popular intimate waxes are Brazilian and Hollywood but the choice is yours, we have a lot to chose from. If you are waxing just for a holiday a lot of our customers go for the classic basic bikini but there’s nothing to stop you going for any of our other intimate waxing treatments.

For more information on our intimate waxing treatments Manchester contact us or to book your appointment use our online booking form.