Intimate Valentine’s wax

Intimate Valentine's wax

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you’ll probably want to make sure things are neat and tidy, down there…

An intimate wax will ensure you’re feeling confident and fabulous. Watch out fellas!

Choose a classic bikini wax for a quick, no fuss tidy up in all the right places. Hair is removed from the crease of the leg.

If you’re planning on some sexy new underwear for Valentine’s Day a thong or G-string wax might be in order. The Thong wax gets rid of hair from the crease of the leg, high top and sides. A G-string wax eliminates hair from the crack, bikini high top and sides.

If minimal hair is more your thing, then a Brazilian wax is the one for you. All excess hair is removed from the front, back and everywhere in between leaving a feminine landing strip in a shape of your choice. Why not get a little adventurous with the design of your strip? A nice little surprise for your man on Valentine’s night…

The Queen of all intimate waxes is the Hollywood wax. Leaving not one hair behind, this is also our most popular wax.

As and when necessary we also offer a Rio wax which focuses on the bum crack only.

So, what will it be ladies? Make up your mind and book in over the next couple of weeks for your intimate Valentine’s wax. Call us on 0161 839 6112 or use our online booking form.

Learn more about the different types of intimate waxing and discover which one is right for you. Check out our waxing price list too.