Intimate Men's Waxing

The male 'pants' area can be prone to prominent hair. If the beast needs taming choose from one (or all, if you're feeling brave!) of our intimate male waxing treatments... Our girls are trained to be quick, thorough and gentle.

Buttocks, Speedo , Crack, Sack, BSC - back, sack and crack!

More and more men are discovering the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin by choosing regular waxing as part of their beauty regime.


For the same reasons women choose to wax their intimate areas, many men do the same. It feels sexier and smoother, is much kinder to skin and more hygienic than shaving, and the results last much longer! Where are the negatives?


If it’s nerves, self-consciousness or pride that’s putting you off, let us stop you right there. We’ve seen it all before. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about. All our staff are fully qualified, professional waxers and have been trained in the specific art of male waxing.


The male groin area can be prone to prominent hair growth. Whether it’s around the genitals, along the butt crack, on the larger surface area of the buttocks, a high pubic hair line or hair that spreads on to the top of the legs. Too much hair down there can be uncomfortable and even cause embarrassment for some. We say it needn’t be. We can defuzz the incriminating area and have you feeling full of confidence in one short appointment.


Regular waxing will help ensure you stay smooth and believe it or not, the more you wax the less hair re-growth you’ll experience!

We offer the following intimate male waxing treatments:

Buttock wax

Removes hair from the surface of the butt cheeks from the base of the lower back to the very top of the thigh and all that’s in between!

Speedo wax

Imagine yourself in a pair, where wouldn’t you want any hair showing from? This treatment follows the line of the pants and removes hair from the top of the pubic bone and the high sides of your legs so everything appears neatly trimmed. Speedo wearing or ownership not necessary!

Crack wax

As it says on the tin. We follow the line of your bum crack and remove the hair that lies in the way.

Sack wax

Removes those annoying and unsightly hairs from the testicles leaving them soft and smooth.

The BSC Wax

The big one; the back, sack and crack! The main troublesome areas of the buttock cheeks, testicles and bottom crack are smoothed in one treatment. A £20 deposit is required for a BSC wax.

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