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24th March 2016

Unwanted or excessive facial hair can cause low self-esteem. Despite 1 in 10 women experiencing excess hair, and there being many reasons for it, it can still be an area of deep embarrassment. This needn’t be the case. Causes of excess hair growth Hirsutism is the most common cause of excess growth hair. It can […]

16th March 2016

The sun has been shining recently and the temperature starting to creep up. As the clocks go forward next weekend – Saturday (26th) night/Sunday (27th) morning – and we officially enter British summertime, we’re taking bookings for summer waxing treatments. There’s pressure to look a certain way, and be toned and slim in time for summer […]

9th March 2016

Semi-permanent eyelashes, or eyelash extensions are a great way of boosting your natural lashes to create a fuller look. The benefit of semis over temporary or party lashes is that the individual lashes are attached to your own lashes, meaning they last longer and look more natural. How long do semi-permanent eyelashes last? Exactly how […]

17th July 2015

One of the best things about waxing is how little you have to have it done. Unlike shaving which needs doing every few days or so, you can go weeks and weeks between waxing. And like we always say, the more regularly you wax, the less hair re-growth you’ll see. The more you wax, the […]

15th June 2015

At The Waxing Studio we believe waxing is not a luxury, but a must. Like washing your hair or brushing your teeth, waxing to us is an ingrained part of our beauty routine. Although not as regular as the tasks mentioned above, we feel it’s just as important. And it’s not a vanity thing. We […]

28th May 2015

So where will it be? The Balearics, somewhere else in the Mediterranean, a Greek island, Mexico, or are you having a staycation this year? Wherever your holiday plans you’ll want to look and feel your best on those day trips, for hours by the pool or on the beach and whilst relaxing in the evening. […]

20th May 2015

For some reason there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding waxing. Many people believe they cannot wax beacuse of this or that. Here we’re going to try and dispel some of the common beliefs…. FALSE: Hair will grow back thicker – Many of us wrongly believe waxing or shaving means hair will grow back thinker. […]

6th May 2015

Forget the General Election, this is the real question: Waxing or shaving? No prizes for guessing which side of the debate we are on. There are a whole bunch of reasons why waxing is sooooo much better than shaving, but we thought we should spell some of them out for you…. We’ve all seen the […]

22nd April 2015

The final part of our feature ‘3 tips to your best body spring clean’ is all about legs and arms. As the temperatures hot up and the summer wardrobe comes out you want to make sure your limbs are looking their best for those cute skirts, fun playsuits and sleeveless tops. LEG WAXING The extra […]

15th April 2015

Hands up if you’ve booked your summer holiday yet. It might still seem like ages away, but trust us, you need to start planning your holiday beauty treatments now. Like anything, preparation is the key to success. Don’t leave it until a week or two before your holiday to start waxing; the sooner you start, […]

8th April 2015

The next instalment in our series ‘3 tips to your best body spring clean’ has arrived! We say banish those low maintenance (or non-existent!) winter beauty routines. Now is the time to ramp it up so you look your best on the beach. Following on from our first post where we suggested you start with an intimate […]

27th March 2015

British Summer Time is finally here, hurray! As we enter Spring/Summer, the words on everyone’s lips are, “What will you be wearing this season?” When we say it, we’re not talking about the latest catwalk collections, we’re talking intimate waxes. Which intimate wax will you choose this season? We offer six types of intimate wax; the […]

20th March 2015

Believe it or not summer is just around the corner. Just like we’re all hitting the gym to get our beach bodies we need to make sure that our beauty appointments are prepared too. To ease you into summer we’ve created a little blog series that we’re calling ‘3 tips to your best body spring clean’. […]

25th February 2015

Hair’s all the answers to the most commonly asked questions…. Do I have to book an appointment?  No, appointments are not always necessary. Do I need to exfoliate?  Yes, this removes the layer of dead skin cells. Does waxing hurt?  It’s really not as bad as you think but everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. […]

4th February 2015

The Brazilian wax is one of the most popular treatments at The Waxing Studio. A range of our clients find that this style of wax suits their needs. The Brazilian process involves all hair being removed from the pubic area, apart from a feminine ‘landing strip’ which can be made into any shape you like. […]

7th January 2015

We often get asked by our clients how they can make the most of their wax, if they can make it last longer or how they can get smoother results. So we thought we would share our top tips on how to make the most of your wax: 1. When you arrive for your appointment […]