How to get the most out of your wax

We often get asked by our clients how they can make the most of their wax, if they can make it last longer or how they can get smoother results.

So we thought we would share our top tips on how to make the most of your wax:

1. When you arrive for your appointment come with clean dry skin and for best results don’t moisturise on the day of your wax.

2. Come hairy! Let your hair grow for 2-3 weeks before your wax, we can always trim the hair back a little if it’s too long. Having long hair will prevent stubbly results after your wax.

3. Although our therapists are very gentle, those with a low pain threshold might experience some discomfort whilst getting waxed. Skip the pain and take a couple of paracetamol half an hour before your wax, this will take the edge off a little for those of us who are sensitive.

4. Make sure you have at least 48 hours of rest after your wax, no exercise, sun beds or tight clothing. All of these could irritate the skin and cause discomfort – an excuse to be a bit lazy for a couple of days too!

5. Remember, soothe, exfoliate and treat.  Soothe the skin with moisturising wipes after your wax, exfoliate with scrub gloves and your favourite shower gel no sooner than 48 hours after treatment (make sure you do this 3 times a week) and treat potential ingrown hairs with a preventative lotion.

Finally, keep getting waxed! Treatments will become less painful and have even smoother results over time. Book your waxes every month and skip shaving in-between as it will ruin your waxing routine.

If you follow these tips carefully you will have the perfect wax you’re looking for each time, we also have before and aftercare tips on how to protect your wax.

We offer all types of intimate waxing for men and intimate waxing for women. To book a waxing treatment with The Waxing Studio use our online booking system or call 0161 839 6112 for more information.